2023 BHS Boys Golf Season Fundraiser

Boulder High School
Boys Golf

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  2023 BHS Boys Golf Season Fundraiser

~ Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~

Our fundraising goal will be used to fund:

The cost of food/hydration/supplies for players at tournaments.

Go Panthers !

Defer the costs of team apparel.

Thank You !

Provide additional tournament opportunities for players beyond the scheduled matches of the season.

 We appreciate your generosity !

Heather Will...

Go Coop!  

Mason Hender...


Steve Gates


Rachel Ouwin...


Ana Liebbe


Spike Graham

Have a great...  

Drew Wrenn

Have a great...  

Mike Speros

Go get' em B...  

Juli Bauman

Have the be...  

Michael Munz...

Grip it and ...  

Janie Willen...

Go get 'm Co...  

Peter Rosato

GO LD!  

Brad Lidge

Keep it goin...  

Jeff Skubic


Brad Graham

Cooper - jus...  

Pop and Jude...

So happy to ...  

Bob Sirkus

Good luck to...  

Megan Skubic

Have a great...  

jennifer gol...

Hit 'em Stra...  

Stephani Per...

Toby, Swing...  

Shira Dunn

Go Toby go!  

Koz Family

Go Mac!!  

Danny Goldma...

Have a great...  

Aunt Jaime a...

Congrats Mac...  

Bill Adams

Good luck te...  

Ben and Cour...

Go Panthers!  

Ari Perlmutt...


Harry Zander

Happy to sup...  

Amy Cummins

Play well an...  

Uncle Bret

Go Maclin!!  

Dave Evenson

This is a do...  

Uncle Derek

Let's Go, Ma...  

Don Evenson

Go Jacoby!  

Connie Evens...

Go Jacoby!!  

Tom Selnau

Go Panthers  

Faith bachma...

Good luck!  

Shawn Ouwing...

go Ham! love...  

Judy Lieberm...

Go team! Go...  

Lisa Penderg...

Enjoy the se...  

Mark Skubic

Good luck bo...  

Liz Hyde

Go Boulder g...  

Robyn Hutman

Enjoy playin...  

Matt McNulty

Play well Sa...  

Carolyn Simo...

Say 3 times ...  

Rob Graham

Happy Gilmor...  

Alexis Power...

It's not dis...  

Andy Hyde

Keep it in t...  

Trevor Graha...


Kathy Hutman...

Good luck an...  

Mike Skubic

Grandpa Mike  

Join our growing list of donors!

Drew Wrenn - $ 75.00

Have a great season Boden!

Spike Graham - $ 200.00

Have a great season!

Faith bachman - $ 100.00

Good luck!

Judy Lieberman - $ 54.00

Go team! Go Noah!

Mason Henderson - $ 50.00

Shawn Ouwinga - $ 50.00

go Ham! love you buddy

Ana Liebbe - $ 50.00

Rachel Ouwinga - $ 200.00

Steve Gates - $ 100.00

Ari Perlmutter - $ 18.00


Michael Munzer - $ 30.00

Grip it and rip it Zach!

Anonymous - $ 20.00


Janie Willens - $ 200.00

Go get 'm Coop and have fun! Love, Nana

Juli Bauman - $ 100.00

Have the best time Zach!

Mike Speros - $ 50.00

Go get' em Birdman!

Bill Adams - $ 250.00

Good luck team. Nananana.

Lisa Pendergast - $ 50.00

Enjoy the season!

Mark Skubic - $ 50.00

Good luck boys!

Liz Hyde - $ 50.00

Go Boulder golf

Anonymous - $ 25.00

Enjoy playing!

Matt McNulty - $ 100.00

Play well Sam!

Carolyn Simonton - $ 50.00

Say 3 times “ Put the putt in place”

Rob Graham - $ 50.00

Happy Gilmores got nothing on you Coop.

Alexis Powers - $ 50.00

It's not disc golf, but y'all are still cool. Have fun out there!

Andy Hyde - $ 50.00

Keep it in the short grass. Big A

Trevor Graham - $ 250.00

Kathy Hutman-Beggs - $ 30.00

Good luck and have fun out there, Jacoby! Kathy & George

Mike Skubic - $ 100.00

Grandpa Mike

Heather Willens - $ 25.00

Go Coop!

Brad Lidge - $ 500.00

Keep it going Sam!!!

Jeff Skubic - $ 200.00

Brad Graham - $ 50.00

Cooper - just remember this donation when you're on the PGA tour. No pressure! :) We love you! Brad, Rachael & Ruthie.

Pop and Judes - $ 100.00

So happy to support your team. Have a great season!! p&j💛

Bob Sirkus - $ 50.00

Good luck to Boulder High’s golf team. And to our Grandson Zach.

Megan Skubic - $ 50.00

Have a great season, Sam!!

jennifer goldman - $ 160.00

Hit 'em Straight Toby! We love you! Mom & Dad, Nana and Papa!

Stephani Perlmutter - $ 50.00

Toby, Swing for success, drive for victory and putt your way to glory! Love, The Perlmutter Family

Shira Dunn - $ 15.00

Go Toby go!

Koz Family - $ 50.00

Go Mac!!

Danny Goldman - $ 50.00

Have a great season Toby :)

Aunt Jaime and Uncle Nathan - $ 50.00

Congrats Maclin!! We're so proud of you ⛳️ and excited for your high school experience!! Have a great year buddy.

Anonymous - $ 50.00

Go Panthers!

Harry Zander - $ 18.00

Happy to support Toby, the Zanders

Anonymous - $ 50.00

Play well and have a great season!

Uncle Bret - $ 30.00

Go Maclin!!

Dave Evenson - $ 100.00

This is a donation in the name of Jacoby Hutman

Uncle Derek - $ 50.00

Let's Go, Mac!

Don Evenson - $ 50.00

Go Jacoby!

Connie Evenson - $ 50.00

Go Jacoby!!

Tom Selnau - $ 500.00

Go Panthers

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