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   MoHI Media Needs Your Support

~ Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~

Monarch's media program is one of the best in the nation. Our Broadcast, Yearbook, and Newspaper students work endless hours to capture the important stories around the school and community, keeping everyone informed about everything happening at MoHi. 

  SKO Yotes!     

Our newspaper, yearbook, and broadcast journalists deserve the best, and with your help, they will continue to inform, entertain, and elevate all of the Monarch community!

While they produce incredible work, creating great journalism is costly! The equipment they have to do their jobs is growing old. Most of their cameras are over a decade old. Microphones are breaking, and computer software needs improvement. Plus, publishing magazines and yearbooks costs thousands of dollars. The school provides zero funds to the program, so your support is greatly appreciated!

  We Appreciate your Generosity 

In order to keep MoHi Media as a leader in the school and in the nation, we need your help! Your donations will be used to defray publishing costs, and purchase new cameras, improved lighting and sound equipment to help the students stay at the cutting edge of scholastic journalism. 

Thank you for all your Help!

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Join our growing list of donors!

Chris - $ 35.00

Toni Harlan - $ 200.00

Mike and Anne Spacone - $ 1,000.00

Go MoHi Media & Broadcast Journalism crew!

Mayia Sterling - $ 100.00

Good luck!

Lisa Wetherbee - $ 500.00

Keep up the good work!

Brandon Barber - $ 750.00

Rose Wilton - $ 50.00

Bradley Limon - $ 40.00

Ben Garrard - $ 100.00

Keep up the great work, SKO YOTES!

Amy Holecek - $ 100.00

You guys are doing great work!

Amy Berens - $ 50.00

Keep up the great work MOHI media!

Ann Berens - $ 100.00

Thanks, Connor! Do Well and Have Fun Everyone!

Babette Spacone - $ 100.00

Happy to help!! Grama

Brian Martens - $ 50.00

What an awesome program, happy to contribute. Papa and Yaya

Susan Edgar - $ 200.00

Glad to help!

Tom Edgar - $ 50.00

Excited to see what you all produce!

Kristin Edgar - $ 100.00

Timothy J Smith - $ 75.00

Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. -- Thomas Jefferson

Dave Mullany - $ 25.00

Good luck!

Juli and Jeff Cohen - $ 25.00

Letty Jolly - $ 50.00

Opa and Oma Jolly

Gary Solomon - $ 50.00

Sue Needle - $ 25.00

Good luck with this important project!

Douglas Garrard - $ 300.00

Way to go Roxy and Media Team !!! Thanks for your contributions to advance your creative and artistic talents. Hopefully more school administrators will promote and financially support these goals.

Paige Austin - $ 100.00

John and Judy Brooks - $ 75.00

Grandpa - $ 50.00

Have a fun time being Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Enjoy the journalism. Go get the info.

Nora Sandoval - $ 75.00

Brittney Sandoval - $ 50.00

From Grace and I.

Stan Needle - $ 25.00

Keep up the good work!

Lisa Wetherbee - $ 300.00

Keep up the great work, MoHi Mix!!

Brandon Barber - $ 250.00

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