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Fairview High School

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~ Please Help Us to Make Our Goal

A Message From Our Fairview Baseball RBI Booster Club:

The Fairview High School baseball season is upon us!  We're reaching out to you to help make a big impact on our success this year.  We were able to field 3 teams this year (Varsity, JV, and C Team).  All of the young student athletes and their coaches have been working hard to prepare for the season.  This season's success is not only dependent upon the players and coaches, but also continued financial support from individuals and local businesses.  Unfortunately, outside financial support is critical to help FHS Baseball continue to operate.  Over 95% of the FHS baseball program funding comes from outside sources.  Each player has been asked to raise $400 to help achieve a total team goal of $20,000.

We appreciate you !

What will these funds be used for?

Purchasing equipment and supplies

- Rapsodo tracking machine $3,000

- Baseballs alone will cost approximately $2,500

- Mower gas, field paint, rakes, etc.

Go Knights 

Field and facility maintenance

- Infield dirt $2,000

- New tractor $3,000

- Indoor batting cage and storage shed $8,000

Paying our local umpires (even if you don't agree with the calls)

Thank you!

Your contributions are technically made to the Boulder Valley School District which means they are tax deductible.  Thank you in advance for any financial assistance you may be able to provide and for helping keep high school sports available and affordable for our athletes.

Emma Karlovi...


Claire Allen

Sko Knights!  

Brandon and ...

Go Knights!  

Ben and Marg...

Have a great...  

Jim and Jane...

Go Team........  

Susan Reynol...


Del and Gayl...

Go Knights!  

Tom Kremer


Shiela Laird

Matt and Shi...  



Colleen Neum...


Ron Heard

Looking forw...  

Lindsay Whit...

For Henry Wh...  

Jeff Waymire

sko Knights!...  

Denise Crayt...

Go Knights B...  

Marilyn Kope...

We’re look...  

Chris Muth

Let's go Kni...  

David Selby


Dave Kopetsk...

Let's Go Kni...  

Kevin Levitt

Go Micha, ha...  

Brudno Famil...


Zoe Levitt


Christian Le...


Gila Ackerma...


Heather Weir

Go Knights!!  

Caixia Wei


Scott Peters...

Scott Peters...  

Marecia Hogg...

have fun  

Cynthia Nevi...


Justin Maxhi...

Go Knights!  

Heidi Potter

Go Knights!  

Wendy Brown

Wendy Brown ...  

Darrell Bill...

Let's Go Kni...  

Cheryl Crayt...


Adam Max


Jeff Goetz


Laura Seigen...

Go Knights!  

Lisa Coyle

For Anderson...  

Brian Allen

Fairview Bas...  

Emir Dedic


Angie and Ry...


Chris Brine


Sandy Brine


Thomas Dinge...

SKO Knights!  

Join our growing list of donors!

Jim and Janet Andrews - $ 100.00

Go Team.....good luck Liam!

Brandon and Jessica - $ 50.00

Go Knights!

Anonymous - $ 100.00

Sko Knights!

Del and Gayle Burmeister - $ 25.00

Go Knights!

Tom Kremer - $ 250.00

Denise Craytor - $ 100.00

Go Knights Baseball! Nana & Papa

Marilyn Kopetsky - $ 100.00

We’re looking forward to some great baseball! Go Fairview!

Susan Reynolds - $ 100.00

Angie and Ryan - $ 100.00

Anonymous - $ 200.00

Cheryl Craytor - $ 200.00

Ron Heard - $ 25.00

Looking forward to a great summer of baseball!

Ben and Margaret Brewer - $ 200.00

Have a great season!

Dave Kopetsky - $ 400.00

Let's Go Knights!

Kevin Levitt - $ 500.00

Go Micha, have fun, love Grandma!

Lisa Coyle - $ 400.00

For Anderson Brown

Emir Dedic - $ 500.00

Shiela Laird - $ 400.00

Matt and Shiela Laird

Anonymous - $ 200.00

Colleen Neumann - $ 400.00

Anonymous - $ 500.00

For Henry Whitcher

David Selby - $ 400.00

Brudno Family - $ 300.00

Christian Leckey - $ 400.00

Heather Weir - $ 400.00

Go Knights!!

Brian Allen - $ 400.00

Fairview Baseball

Adam Max - $ 400.00

Jeff Goetz - $ 400.00

Laura Seigenfeld - $ 400.00

Go Knights!

Emma Karlovitz - $ 400.00

Heidi Potter - $ 400.00

Go Knights!

Chris Muth - $ 500.00

Let's go Knights!

Cynthia Nevison - $ 400.00


Darrell Billington - $ 400.00

Let's Go Knights!!

Wendy Brown - $ 400.00

Wendy Brown for Emmett Brown Go Knights!!

Thomas Dinges - $ 500.00

SKO Knights!

Marecia Hogge - $ 50.00

have fun

Jeff Waymire - $ 400.00

sko Knights!!

Justin Maxhimer - $ 500.00

Go Knights!

Anonymous - $ 500.00

Anonymous - $ 2,500.00

Anonymous - $ 400.00

Scott Peterson - $ 400.00

Scott Peterson for Oliver Peterson

Caixia Wei - $ 400.00

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